Sharwari Gujar Biography, Her Career, Net Worth, Best Outfits and More.

Sharwari Gujar

Sharwari Gujar, 24 year old, is an active social media influencer and fitness enthusiast.

She start her journey with TikTok and then covered a wide range of social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook etc.

Sharwari Gujar
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As a member of a high-profile family and an active fitness model, she has a slim, fit body that she loves to keep in shape by working out at the gym on a regular basis

In 17 December 1999, she was born in Mumbai India and in 2018 made her debut on ENTERTAINMENT industry and produced videos, reels, life footage, and other materials for her fans to enjoy.

The fact that she is so fit and has a great sense of style make her very popular on social media. We have provided Sharwari Gujar’s wiki biography and many other details about him below. A Look

Quick Facts about Sharwari Gujar

Real Name: Sharwari Gujar

Nick Name: Sharwari

Age:  24 as of 2023

Date of birth: 17 December 1999

Profession: actress and model  

Height: 165 cm

Religions: Hindu 

Zindic sign: Aquarius

Birth place: Mumbai, India

Home town: Mumbai India

Nationality: India 

Maternal statue: unmarried

Net worth of Sharwari Gujar: 50 lakh

Family status Sharwari Gujar

Father: update soon

Mother: update soon

Brother: update soon

Sister: update soon

Education: Graduate

Schooling: In her early years, she attended a private school in Mumbai, India, where she completed her primary education  

Best outfits of Sharwari Gujar

There is no doubt that Sharwari Gujar is a fitness freak and you are likely to find her wearing slim body hugging outfits most of the time.

Although she loves wearing a variety of different outfits, we have listed below just a few of the outfits that she loves to wear

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It is the red double-shade saree that Sharwari Gujar is wearing in this picture that makes her look stunning and cool

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Sharwari Gujar stands out in a light green embrioday saree outfit that features stone work

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In this sexy pose, Sharwari Gujar is posing in a gorgeous dark green saree outfit and is looking stunning

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Sharwari Gujar’s red saree with the golden jewellery worn with it is one of the most eye-catching looks that I have ever seen

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A stunner in gym , Sharwari Gujar shows off her gym body hugging outfits as she dazzles Frank with her appearance

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Sharwari poses in body hugging outfits in this tip-top outfit as she looks fit and hot as she poses in the gym 

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