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Alanna Pandey’s biography, family, net worth, best outfits & more

Alanna Pandey

In addition to being an Indian model, Alanna Pandey is an Internet celebrity, a 28-year-old model, and a Social Media celebrity as well as an Instagram influencer. A look

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Alanna was born on the 15th of August 1995 in Mumbai, India, and is the daughter of the well known Indian actors Chikki Pandey and Deanne Panday.

Alot of people are aware of Alanna’s popularity and the fact that she is quite active on social media channels such as Instagram, where she posts pictures of her unique style of dressing. A look

Although Alanna has not yet started her Bollywood career, she has been away from it for a significant period of time.

Quick facts about Alanna Pandey

Real Name: Alanna Pandey

Nickname: Alanna

Age: 28 as of 2023

Date of birth: 16 August 1995

Profession: Intenect celebrity and model

Height: 168 cm

Religion: Hindu

Zindic sign: Leo

Birthplace: Mumbai Maharashtra, India

Live in: Mumbai Maharashtra, India

Nationality: Indian

Maternal status: Married

Husband: Ivor McCray V

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Net worth of Alanna Pandey: Approx $2 Cr.

Family status of Alanna Pandey

Father: Chinki Pandey

Mother: Deanne Pandey

Brother: Ahaan Pandey

Sister: None

Qualification: Graduate

Schooling: In order to complete her schooling, she attended the school in Mumbai

Higher education: She graduated from the London College of Fashion, London with a degree in fashion management

Best Outfits of Alanna Pandey

Alanna Pandey
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Alanna Pandey
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Alanna Pandey
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Alanna Pandey
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Alanna Pandey
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Alanna Pandey
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